ElectrifAi's PipelineAi simplifies ML integration and deployment by automating ML DevOps. With PipelineAi, data scientists continue to use notebooks to create and share end-to-end workflows and use PipelineAi to automate DevOps into AWS native services. Eliminate investment in separate data and ML platforms and related operating overhead, including the learning curve to start using new platforms productively

ML DevOps Automation

PipelineAi's DevOps automation allows you to go from the convenience and flexibility of notebooks to natively deploy using AWS services without having to deal with the complexity of integration and deployment from monitoring, alerting, data governance, data security, workflow, and orchestration.

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Single Source of truth image

Single Source of Truth

Simplify access to data and confidence in data by using S3, data lake foundation, and data catalog as the single source of truth. Never spend time looking for data in an on-premises or cloud data warehouse or deal with ETL to bring data to your ML environment.

Zero Vendor Lock-in

Continue to create, innovate, and collaborate with notebooks with the option to automate deployment in any platform, starting with AWS today. Embrace best-of-breed platforms for deployment with no data and ML platform vendor lock-in. Liberate from platform limitations and build truly competitive ML solutions to stay ahead.

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