INCREASE data science productivity by 2-5x. ELIMINATE platform and consulting costs with PipelineAi
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Increase productivity by 2-5x in weeks and cut total cost of ownership by 80%

Value Proposition

With low upfront investment, quick savings, and increased productivity PipelineAi help you realize the real value of data quickly while cutting costs and risks

Increase productivity by 2-5X
Simplify data science with automation

Save 80% + in total cost of ownership
Rapid Time to Value

Zero spend on data and ML platforms
Faster, Better, Cheaper

Disparate data sources, no problem
Structured, Unstructured to Scattered data

Responsible AI
Transparency and Explainability

We do the heavy lifting from ingestion to insights

Why is PipelineAi better?

PipelineAi is better because it empowers data scientists to use the familiar and all-powerful notebooks to create and share end-to-end workflows and automate the integration and deployment to production without the overheads of data or ML platforms.

  • Automate DevOps from Notebook to AWS native services with no need to acquire or learn new ML platform, saving time and money
  • Seamless integration of critical tools such as monitoring, alerting, data governance, data security, workflow, and orchestration
  • Avoid vendor lock-in and platform limitations
Traditional Data Science Approach
  • Require new ML platform to interface creation silos, operational overheads, and learning curve
  • Expensive data and ML platform and consulting spend to integrate to deploy
  • High risk with vendor lock-in

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Our Clients

A Top-5 Fortune 500 retailer

World’s leading chemical producer

Top-3 US city goverment

Leading American luxury retailer

Leading American department store chain

Leading US-based cloud solutions provider

Fortune 500 financial services company

Global pharma powerhouse

World’s leading credit rating agency

US-based academic healthcare network

Leading US healthcare provider

Global leader in AI solutions